Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy (Belated) 4th Birthday!

The Quest For The A cappella Major has turned 4 years old! I can finally go to pre-school!

After working on it for a few years, I'm happy to say that I got myself a birthday present: A brand new website called!

Here it is:

What will you find on this new website? Well, you'll find answers to such questions as...
1) What do you look like when you wear  a blue polo shirt?
2) Where can I purchase sheet music to your funny songs?
3) Where can I find awesome a cappella-related websites that don't belong to you?
4) Where can I find educational materials, for free, that I can use in my classroom?
5) Where can I take a really stupid, a cappella-related, quiz?
6) Where can I find links to all of your videos without having to spend the extra 10 seconds searching on Youtube?
7) Where can I find copies of your blog posts, in case I want to re-read them with a gray background?
8) Where can I find a link to a website that lets me adopt penguins?

Don't worry, this website is not closing down. This is still the main place to read new, and WACKY posts about a cappella education.

Marc Silverberg

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