Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Find Your Nemesis

Are you looking for a dash of inspiration? Need a jumpstart to motivate you out of that funk? I have a new, slightly offbeat solution for you…You need a nemesis.

Let me explain…

So if you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll know that I am currently writing my dissertation; A four-year college curriculum for a cappella. And if you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll know that…it’s…going……..very…………….slowly…

On top of writing this dissertation, I’ve been trying to keep up with other a cappella pursuits, including recording songs, putting out videos, writing arrangements, etc. And since I don’t have a deadline, other than the one I create for myself, I can only rely on self-motivation.

And now, I will express my feelings about self-motivation in this lovely rant:

“Mother $%#$%$%# ^%$#^&* ^%$#%^&* stupid &^%$#^&* son of a ^%$#$^%&^&*&%^%$#$%^&*(&^$!!!!!”

Self-motivation is terrible. Truly, truly terrible. It does not work, it has never worked , and anyone who thinks it has worked for them is lying.

If self-motivation actually worked, we wouldn’t have self-help books, motivational speakers, or an entire category of apps dedicated to helping you not procrastinate.

So with that in mind, I’m delighted to show you a brand new way to motivate yourself without paying a single penny. It’s called “jealousy.”

Yes, jealousy. So simple, yet so effective. How do you use jealousy to your advantage? This brings me back to my earlier point: You need a nemesis.

Now when I say a nemesis, I don’t mean someone you actually hate. I mean someone who makes you jealous with envy. Someone who is doing everything you wish you were. Someone whom you respect and admire, but would never say that to their face. Someone who, when they post something happy about themselves on Facebook, makes you want to wretch into your cereal. Believe it or not, this person is the secret to YOUR success.

This person is your nemesis. Now, you have one, clear goal…Beat your nemesis at EVERYTHING.

Did your nemesis post how he or she is about to release an a cappella CD with their group? Okay. Now you have to create an even BETTER a cappella CD. Did your nemesis just win an award? Okay. Now you have to win that same award AND another award. Whatever your nemesis does, you have to do it better and faster.

However, before you start, there are some rules you must follow, otherwise this technique will end up discouraging you before it motivates you:

Rule 1- You are NOT allowed to tell ANYONE who your nemesis is, ESPECIALLY your nemesis.

People don’t want you to think you’re actually trying to destroy someone. Then you just seem petty…and a little crazy.

Rule 2- You must wait for the nemesis to make the first move.

You can’t put out a better a cappella CD when you don’t even know what your nemesis has created first. This rule will ensure that you make the right moves strategically, and that you are always learning from your nemesis before striking.

Rule 3- Your nemesis must be the catalyst for your creations.

The whole point of finding a nemesis is so that you find someone whom you admire. Chances are, the person you admire will be really good at his or her job. This will ensure you are always finding ways to better yourself and your work, by learning from the person you respect/hate the most. In the best-case scenario, borrow ideas from your nemesis and then evolve them into new ideas.

Rule 4- Accept, even before you start this, that there is no way to “win,” because your nemesis doesn’t even know you are enemies.

If you don’t accept this right from the start, then all you are doing is chasing the tail of someone who will always be one step ahead of you (see rules 2 and 3). This can be very frustrating if you don’t recognize what this whole blog post is about- finding a new, different way to self-motivate.

In case you are wondering, I do have a nemesis. And so far, that person has increased my output significantly. Thank you nemesis! Now die!

Just kidding….But not really….

Marc Silverberg

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