Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pentatonix Needs YOUR Help!

Pentatonix just released a new album last Friday, and it is magnificent; A crowning achievement to what is fast becoming the group success story of the decade.

Believe it or not, a cappella music is STILL not taken seriously as a mainstream form of art. A cappella can quickly go the way of “passing fad” if we don’t band together and help Pentatonix reach Number 1.

To better inform you of the situation, I’ve prepared this handy F.A.Q.:

What situation? What the hell are you talking about?

The members of Pentatonix are on their way to achieving an a cappella milestone. If Pentatonix gets the number 1 album in America, it will be the first time in history an all a cappella album took the top spot.

Fighting tooth and nail for that same spot is Demi Lovato’s new album. While I’m sure she is a lovely person and her album is probably very good, we need to make a stand for Pentatonix.

Why on Earth should we help them? I’m not in Pentatonix!

There are several reasons why the new Pentatonix album taking top spot would benefit YOU directly:

1) It would support the claim that singing a cappella is both relevant and cool.
2) It is an album with absolutely no dirty or explicit lyrics taking the top spot, thus reaffirming the belief that artists don’t have to use explicit lyrics to sell records. (Not saying Demi is doing that...just saying in general)
3) It would be perfect ammunition for starting/developing/continuing an a cappella group in your school.
4) The knowledge that 3 members of Pentatonix met in a high school choir would help recruit new singers to your vocal program.
5) It would further encourage an emphasis on musicality rather than over-production and money.

Are you telling me that if this album reaches number one, all these things will happen to me immediately?

No. In fact, very little will change in the near future. But the future of vocal music will benefit in the long run.

How could you possibly know this?

I’m a psychic.



So if Demi Lovato wins the top spot, none of this will happen?

No. In fact, just the thought of Pentatonix giving Demi Lovato a run for her money helps all the above causes, whether they win or lose. Plus, they already won a Grammy. But as a self-proclaimed a cappella super nerd, knowing that a cappella is SO CLOSE to this victory makes me want it even more.

Okay I’m in. How do I help?

Buy the album. Encourage others to buy the album. That’s pretty much it.

If I buy it in bulk, will that help them?

No. Multiple purchases on one receipt only count as one purchase, according to the way Billboard tallies their records.

Isn’t this battle a little stupid?

Yes. It is incredibly stupid. Really, all that should matter is that both artists are doing well and will still be around for years to come. But it’s no different than rooting for your favorite sports team. As long as you don’t take to social media about hating the other side.

Seriously, stop doing that. Both sides.

Marc Silverberg

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