Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On The Airwaves

A cappella is moving forward in a big way...or should I say a small way. A cappella is invading your small screen, the television, in some brand new programs made specifically for a cappella geeks like yourself.  Joining the already-well-known Pitch Perfect movie and The Sing-Off television program are the following two new shows:

1) Sing It On

When Does It Begin: Wednesday, May 13, at 10 p.m.
What Channel: Pop TV
When Does It Normally Air:  Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
What Is It About: A reality program follows the fates and fortunes of multiple college a cappella groups as they compete in the World Series of A cappella…The International Championship of Collegiate A cappella.
Why You Should Watch: If you ever wanted to know exactly what it takes to reach the top of a cappella’s most competitive event, this is your best chance.

2) Sing It!
When Does It Begin: Summer 2015
What Channel: Lifetime
When Does It Normally Air:  TBA
What Is It About: Diana Preisler and Deke Sharon are battling aca-coaches, each determined to take their respective high school a cappella groups to the top. Think of it like X-factor, but with a cappella....and kids.
Why You Should Watch: Both Diana and Deke are fantastic teachers and very upbeat individuals. This should be a fantastic, and heartfelt, a cappella show.

In addition to these new television programs, a cappella has also hit the airwaves of radio. Here are a couple of radio stations you should check out:

1) Acaville
What Is It:  A 24-hour, round the clock, a cappella radio station.
How Do You Listen To It: There are several ways to listen to Acaville. You can go to their website, Or you can download the Acaville App for smartphones and tablets.
When Does It Air: Always. It’s 24 hours of nonstop "ac."
Why You Should Listen To It: Speaking as a former Acaville radio host, I know that the Acaville library is one of the largest a cappella libraries in existence. You are guaranteed to hear something you’ve never heard before.

2) NPR
What Is It: The National Public Radio has begun to air a cappella segments and music throughout their lineup.
How Do You Listen To It: To find specific a cappella segments, go to
When Does It Air: Often
Why You Should Listen To It: NPR doesn’t just play a cappella music, they analyze it in detail, giving you historical facts about the music and in-depth interviews with a cappella superstars. You’ll be able to listen AND learn.

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