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Why You Should Come To BOSS, 2015 Edition

The Boston Sings festival, presented by CASA, is being held April 10-12. The festival, which is now in its fourth year, is known for innovation, breaking barriers, and awarding excellence in the field of a cappella. Want to know why you should go this year? Check this out:


The biggest highlight of the festival is the live CARA awards. Every year, the awards show ups-the- ante in terms of presentation and delivery. Last year, the first ever lifetime achievement award was given to the BOSS headliner, Rockapella. This year, another lifetime achievement award will be given. Who will get it? You’ll have to attend the banquet to find out.

There’s even rumor that this year's live show will include live performances from nominated groups; kind of like an a cappella Grammys.  Each year, the live show gets bigger, and this year will be the biggest, most surprise-filled show yet.

2) Club For Five

One of the headliners this year is the outstanding international group Club For Five. Think of them like a combination between The Real Group and ARORA. They use loop machines and sing incredibly complicated arrangements. The best part is, they RARELY ever perform in the United States. This is probably your ONLY chance to see them live, and they are not to be missed. Their album, “You’re The Voice” was rated the number one a cappella album by the podcast series Mouth Off.

3) Overboard

The other major headliner is the fantastic Overboard, one of the innovators of pop a cappella for the last few years. Overboard innovated the concept of “Free Track Tuesday,” where they release a new song every week. In addition, Overboard has been instrumental in promoting a cappella throughout the country, including live media and commercials.

4) Star-Chasing and Networking

Want to meet your biggest a cappella idols? Want to promote your group and get face-to-face time with the leaders of the industry? BOSS is the best place to do it. Because Boston is one of the biggest and most thriving a cappella cities in the world, you can guarantee there will be some big names and bigger rewards for attending this year's festival.

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