Monday, May 13, 2013

A cappella Development

And now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together…It’s Arrested Development.
"Miraculous" would be the best word to describe this show’s resurrection. In 2003, a humble, under the radar comedy, aired on FOX, with nine of the most talented actors ever assembled and a writing staff who chose to write for highly intelligent audiences instead of the lowest common denominator. In its first year, Arrested Development won the Emmy for best comedy. Critics around the country were hailing it as one of the most groundbreaking comedies of all time.
But no one watched.
The show got picked up for a second season. The jokes became funnier. The show had the uncanny ability to set a joke up in one episode and then delay the punch-line for three to four more episodes. It was a show you had to actively watch to catch everything, a show in which I’ve seen, in its entirety, ten times, and I still catch something new every time I watch.
But no one watched. And the show was cut back to 18 episodes instead of 22.
The show somehow got picked up for a third season...but only for 13 episodes. Arrested Development brought in A-level guest stars, and even begged you, the audience, to tell your friends about the show by actually saying the line: “Please tell your friends about this show.”
But no one watched. And it was cancelled.
It was mourned for 8 years. And then…out of the blue (get it, fans?)…Netflix picked it up for a fourth season. It was the Mother(boy) of all comebacks.
Why? Because the DVD sales were only growing, sort of like Family Guy. And a movie was rumored. And the fans grew in number.
That’s what this post is all about. The fans. As great as Arrested Development is, and as thrilled I am to see it return, it really would not have done so without the fans. A cappella groups…this is where you should start paying attention.
The lifeblood of your group is your fans. Does music exist if no one is around to hear it? Of course it does, but it’s not nearly as appreciated. I always respect successful stars who acknowledge that it is because of the fans that anyone knows who he/she is. My point is, if you are successful…if everyone knows who you are…thank the fans.
As for the fans, it is up to YOU to help people succeed. As talented as Rockapella is, they would nothing without the fans buying their CDs, attending their concerts, and checking them out on social media. The fans are in power, not the superstar. And we have to shoulder that responsibility.
Just like Arrested Development, the fans (or lack thereof) was the reason the show got cancelled. Popular a cappella groups, like Five O’Clock Shadow for instance, don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve, because the fans think the group will promote themselves.
Let me tell you this…no marketing tool, no billboard, no commercial, no social media blitz is more powerful than word-of-mouth. You talk about something to two people. They tell two people. They tell two people…and so on…and so on…and so on…(Party on Wayne!)
You, as a fan, must go and actively promote your favorite a cappella groups. A cappella groups must take time to celebrate and thank your fans. The little people may not matter during your current show, but if you want to keep performing more shows, you need the little people to support you.
The fans are in the driver’s seat. The fans are in control. And when the fans demand something, it gets done. That’s why Arrested Development is back on the air…the fans.
Please, be an active fan for your group...and watch Arrested Development.
Marc Silverberg
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