Friday, March 22, 2013

Be the Riff-Off BOSS

At Boston Sings this year, I will host a workshop on how to compete in a riff-off.
Now I know what you are thinking…”I just checked the website and it’s not on the calendar! Where are you?”
I have now been told that this will occur after the last workshop on Sunday. To further entice you to attend, all the participants will take part in a real, honest-to-god, live riff-off!
That’s right…now’s your chance to be part of a live riff-off competition, where together, we will learn how to do it, work out the bugs, refine the riff-off procedure, and then try it for real!
I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m not even guaranteeing that it will be 100% successful. In fact, I’m pretty sure that at some point, there will a complete and total “epic fail.” But that’s an integral part of the music process. You try something, it doesn’t work, you try something different, etc.
Here are some guarantees that I can make:
1) You will have fun, and you’ll probably laugh at yourself and me.
2) If the riff-off fails, you will at least learn something about improvisation.
3) This has never been tried at a CASA festival before, and you will be a part of history.
4) Everyone will be able to participate, even if you are not already part of an a cappella group.
5) You won’t humiliate yourself. The only one who is at risk of humiliating themselves is me.
6) At some point, we will all fail spectacularly.
7) At the end of this workshop, you will be able to go home and train your group for a riff-off. You’ll even learn how to host one. And, you’ll be able to take home a packet of materials that outlines the process.
8) This will not help you get on the Sing-Off, nor will this have anything to do with the Sing-Off. Sorry.
What do you need to prepare/bring?
Nothing! Just bring your singing voice and a smile. (And a cookie…I like cookies)
See you in Boston.
Marc Silverberg
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